Clarins – Interactive Tree Planting

Clarins - Interactive Tree Planting

September 16th, 2014

Client: Clarins

Project: 60th anniversary event design and development

Project Details:

  • Interactive Game Design and Development
  • Game Concept Design
  • Instant Share and Print

TBS有幸參與Clarins 60週年品牌巡展(上海站),負責植樹互動遊戲。Clarins會在品牌60週年之際,與Pur Project攜手合作,在亞洲森林濫伐區種植60,000棵樹,保護受損的大自然。若想支持,你可以在9月19日至21日到達外灘三號,運用你的創意在電子調色盤上畫一棵樹,只屬於你的樹便會在虛擬森林裏發芽、生長、迎風擺柳,與Clarins一起萌芽美麗!

Objective of the Tree Planting Game

Nature and plants are the source of inspiration and efficacy to Clarins. To celebrate the 60th anniversary, Clarins planted 60,000 trees in Asia to give back what nature had given us. An interactive game developed for guests to join Clarins in this meaningful action.

Guests could select and paint one plant in the game. The customized plant will grow from a seed in the projection. Meanwhile, they could share their painting through a printing postcard, Facebook and WeChat.

A guest’s phone number and email are collected at the beginning of the game. A soft copy of the painting would be emailed to them. The phone number and email can be retrieved at our “Online Admin Site” for future follow-up.


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