Dior Addicted Lacquer Plump Dance Floor


  1. Dancing Floor
  2. Floor Sencing Tile
  3. Music Dance Game
  4. Two Players simutanously
  5. Photo Taking After Game Playing
  6. Add Customized Sticker to Photo Frame




Clarins Hydra-essestial PR event

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Clarins Projection Wall

Interactive Projection Wall

We are a Hong Kong based interaction design studio founded in 2012.

The team creates social-first, tech-driven content experiences and interactive solutions for international top tier luxury brands (beauty, fashion, watch, jewelry, car) and provides research and development of avant-garde technology applications (AR, VR, XR, MR, AI, robotics, metaverse etc.)

The team explores hightech experience design, “retailtainment”, interactive online/ offline/ hybrid event and O2O2O strategies, business covering the Asia-Pacific regions.

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